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Tasty Tuesday: Bacon Avocado Ranch Potato Salad featuring Noosa Yoghurt


Y’all know how much I love yoghurt–I use it in so many things from baked goods to salad dressings, and I often replace other dairy ingredients such as butter, sour cream, milk, or cream cheese with it. My tummy seems to handle yoghurt (full of good-for-you probiotics that help digestion) much better than other dairy, so it’s a staple around here. 

When I was approached by local Colorado company, Noosa Yoghurt, to create a recipe using their new full-fat plain yoghurt, of course I said yes! Noosa is our go-to brand of yoghurt–I can have it delivered right along with my milk every week, thanks to Longmont Dairy, or I can find it at nearly any of the grocery stores nearby.

What makes Noosa yogurt so special? Well for starters, it’s a truly homegrown product, made on-site with milk from Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellevue, Colorado. The cows are grass-fed, free of hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. It’s an “Aussie Style” yoghurt–thick and rich like Greek yoghurt but sweetened with just a bit of honey from Colorado’s own Beeyond The Hive. You can learn more about this awesome Colorado company, and the founder’s gorgeous hometown of Noosa, Australia, at


I wanted to create something that would really highlight the creamy, tangy flavor of the plain yoghurt. During summer BBQ season, I can’t think of any dish I like more than a good potato salad. But I’m super picky–I can’t stand mayonnaise, which most potato salads have in abundance. So I came up with a tasty, mayo-free combo of tender red potatoes, fresh herbs, avocado, crispy bacon, and of course, Noosa! 

With that, I give you Bacon Avocado Ranch Potato Salad!


 disclaimer: I was provided coupons and a grocery gift card in order to purchase ingredients needed to create a recipe with Noosa Yoghurt. No other compensation was made, and the opinions, text, recipe, and images are my own.



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