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Tasty Tuesday: Baked White Fish with Smoky Bacon-Tomato Relish

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Even though I don’t keep to the Lenten tradition of eating fish on Fridays anymore, I definitely enjoy the sales on seafood this time of year! I’m stocking up on individually frozen and wrapped fillets because it’s so easy to pull out exactly what I need from the freezer, thaw it quickly in a bowl of cold water, and it cooks in a flash. Most fish can go from freezer to table in under a half hour. I am a huge seafood fan and luckily so is most of my family. One of my daughters doesn’t care for it, but she will eat just about anything if it’s got bacon in it. So, I give you my Baked Fish with Smoky Bacon-Tomato relish. Not Lent-approved, but delicious and thrifty-use whatever white fish is on sale. Tilapia, cod, snapper, rockfish, and barramundi are generally inexpensive options. 

This relish is also very good on pork chops or chicken!