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Tasty Tuesday: Brussels Sprouts Your Kids Will LOVE (no, really!)


I’m told that when I was a real little kid, I loved Brussels sprouts. But only the way that my great-aunt made them which involved frying them in vast amounts of bacon fat. Turns out, she was way ahead of her time, because that’s a thing now. Gone are the days of boiled-till-they’re-gray, mushy, bitter, blah sprouts. When they’re cooked fairly quickly at high heat, they begin to caramelize and take on a gorgeously sweet flavor and an amazing texture. It’s our favorite way to prepare them…in fact it’s still the only way I care for them…and surprise! The kids beg for them. 

Now, I am not generally a fan of lying to my kids about what they’re eating. You won’t find me “hiding” veggies in muffins or brownies or pasta sauces. Mostly because I have an allergic kid, and I want him to know that he can trust people to be accurate and honest when he asks “what’s in this?” However–I am not above giving foods clever names. My littlest calls these “muscle sprouts” and he believes they give him bug Hulk muscles. When he was about 3, we were shopping and as we cruised past the bin of loose Brussels sprouts, he shoplifted one of the bright green globes, and popped it into his mouth. Apologetically, I told the produce guy what happened and he just laughed it off, saying “I could never get upset at a kid who’d willingly eat one of those!” So I took advantage of the situation and purchased a half pound or so. I went searching for a bacon-y recipe to try and recreate my auntie’s method, and I landed on a recipe from Ina Garten. I’ve given it some tweaks over the years, and it’s damn near perfect if I say so myself. I really encourage you to give sprouts a chance! I think you’ll love them as much as I do! 

Photo Credit: Jasmine&Roses