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Tasty Tuesday: Butternut Squash and Wild Mushroom Soup

photo credit: migle

photo credit: migle

Is there anything quite as nice on a cold fall day than a delicious bowl of soup? I don’t think so! Weather like this just begs for a warm bowl of soup, some fresh bread, and a crackling fire. I’ll be making this recipe tonight and cozying up in my flannel PJs by the fireplace with my fam. It’s a delicious stand-alone dinner, but it also makes a great first course for entertaining. 

Pre-cut Butternut squash is readily available fresh or frozen. You can use a whole squash (look at you, overachiever!), just so long as you have roughly two pounds, diced. As for the mushrooms, choose any variety you like. Many larger grocery stores now carry more exotic varieties such as chanterelles, oysters, and cremini, so experiment! Button mushrooms will work just as well, too. And if you have mushroom haters in your family? Just throw them in the food processor with the squash.  They’ll never know. *wink*