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Tasty Tuesday: Carrot Cranberry Salad

It’s so hard to get a variety of veggies on the table in the dead of winter. There just aren’t a lot of options! But this is an easy, fresh-tasting side dish that compliments lots of dinner, and looks bright and colorful, too. I adapted it from this Ellie Krieger recipe-hers called for mint, which my kids didn’t care for, and green apple which is very good but I think the cranberries are even better! Even raisins or pineapple work nicely. The dressing has a very versatile, sweet and tangy flavor. 

We really love it with oven-fried chicken, pulled pork , or even deli sandwiches. Tonight we had it with Cubanos…delicious sammies made with shredded pork, ham, pickles, Swiss cheese and mustard on crusty rolls. I will get to posting that recipe soon, it’s a favorite around here!

Photo Credit: llsimon53/Flickr Creative Commons Some Rights Reserved



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