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Tasty Tuesday: Cookie Dough Hummus Dip (Copycat Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter!)

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We were pretty excited to learn that Trader Joes was coming to Denver. I’d been to their stores in Chicago and Los Angeles, and they do have some great products and prices. One of the big draws is something called Cookie Butter, which I’ve never actually tried but it sounds intriguing, if horribly unhealthy. 

Unfortunately the closest TJ’s location is a good half hour away and at the time of writing, the city is still battling traffic problems created by the store’s opening. Lines are reportedly out the door. Rather than spend a whole day driving and waiting just to buy Cookie Butter, I decided to set out on my own DIY mission. 

We found a lot of recipes that were basically smooshed up cookies with water and powdered sugar Not exactly thrilled to let my kids eat gobs of that. And still more that called for peanut butter (a no-go in my house with a peanut allergic kiddo). My girls and I read recipe after recipe and finally decided to wing it and come up with our own. We are hummus FREAKS in this house, it is one of our very favorite after school snacks, so we decided to use a basic hummus recipe and doctor it up into something sweet but still filling and good for us. We blended a little of this, a little of that, until lo and behold we had this delicious spreadable, dip-able concoction that tastes an awful lot like cookie dough! Try it on apple slices, graham crackers, pretzels, even spread on whole wheat toast. You may even want to leave out the chocolate chips and add some pumpkin pie spice for a different taste. Just be sure to let it sit in the fridge overnight, it is 1,000 times better after it’s chilled!