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Tasty Tuesday: Creme di Caffe


You all know we LOVE our coffee here at Colorado Moms. And I’m hard-core–doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, I pretty much always like a fresh brewed cuppa in the morning. On warm summer evenings, though, sometimes I do crave a more refreshing, cold dose of caffeine! 

My little sister moved to Rome a few years ago, where she attends art school and sends mouthwatering, jealousy-inducing photos of the amazing food in Italy, pretty regularly. Recently, she shared pictures and a recipe of “Crema di Caffe”, a milkshake-like, semi-frozen blend of espresso, sugar, and cream. Since you’ll never see a native Italian walking around with a Frappuccino (TM), the Creme di Caffee is a more traditional icy treat. I really wanted to try her recipe, which calls for heavy cream, but I didn’t have any so I experiemented with what I had available: condensed milk. And what do you know, it turned out amazing! Probably not “authentic” but it was good enough for this American girl’s taste buds! Plus it’s a little more thrifty and lower in fat. 

Try it yourself, maybe with different liquers or without? You don’t even need an ice cream maker, just a few Ziplock bags.



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