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Tasty Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Fajitas

I don’t really get into the habit of making resolutions for New Year’s, but one thing I definitely need to work on this year is meal planning. I’ve been in such a rut lately, with a lot of ad-hoc trips to the grocery store and take out meals. Which takes a toll on my wallet and my waistline! So I’m trying to kick off 2014 with a lot of meals that can be prepped ahead, and that use mostly staple type items that most of us keep on hand, with the exception of a few fresh veggies. 

This is a super easy crockpot recipe that takes no time to prepare, and you can tweak it to your family’s liking by swapping different garnishes. My kids go nuts for it, and I usually end up with a little bit of filling left over for lunch. 




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