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Tasty Tuesday: Crunchy Parmesan Chicken

This recipe is an old favorite, and has made the rounds on Pinterest and in magazines for years. It’s the perfect go-to recipe to keep in your back pocket, because it uses just a few pantry staples and fresh chicken breasts. The chicken bakes quickly at a high temp, so it remains juicy inside while the breading stays crunchy. Kids LOVE it, and it’s so much easier than fried chicken. 

I’ve lightened up the “official” recipe a bit with some non-fat Greek yogurt and egg-free Just Mayo, and you can’t tell a difference! You can actually use all mayo, or all yogurt, depending on what you’ve got on hand, but I find that a half and half mix gives the best flavor. It’s so simple that I often let my kids take the reigns and make it by themselves. All you need is a steamed veggie or a salad for a delicious, thrifty meal! IMG_20150804_092806



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