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Tasty Tuesday: Iced Oatmeal Cookies

oatmeal cookies

Now that it’s officially December, it’s time for decorating and baking tasty treats! This week I will be rocking my Christmas playlist and baking these scrumptious cookies to nosh on while the family trims the tree together. They are easily made in a food processor or a stand mixer, and the recipe makes LOTS. Plenty to munch on right out of the oven and some to save for later. They’ll bring back memories of the store bought classic but they’re even better with lots of chewy oats and a hint of spice. Bake them a minute or two less for a soft cookie, an extra minute for a very crunchy one. 

I found this recipe over at, and tweaked it just a bit. I substituted Irish style, or steel-cut, oats for a heartier texture, and I reduced the butter to cut the fat content slightly and keep the batter from spreading too thin. I felt the amount of nutmeg was a bit overpowering, so I cut that back for a more subtle flavor. 

My husband announced that these were “probably the best cookies I’ve ever had”, I hope you’ll love them too!



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