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Tasty Tuesday: Lavender Lemonade

lemonadeI LOOOOOOVE the smell and taste of lavender. Not the soapy, fake scent added to bath and body products, the fresh, grassy, floral essence of the real deal. I grow it in my flower beds to attract polinators like bees and butterflies, and I cut the flowers for drying and storing. It’s a nice addition to teas, baths, homemade body scrubs, warm compresses, and for blending herbes de provence. 

One of my favorite uses is to flavor cocktails with it. It is really excellent in the Prohibition-era classic, Bee’s Knees–a concoction of gin, lemon, and honey. But of course I have to be a responsible adult and not just sip gin drinks all summer, so I’ve turned it into a brilliant lemonade that the whole family can enjoy. It has just a light floral flavor, not overpowering, but if lavender isn’t your fave you can also try using mint, ginger, or another herb you like!



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