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Tasty Tuesday: Meyer Lemon & Ritz Cracker Pie

I was combing through all my old recipes a few days ago,and in the piles of handwritten scrap papers and magazine cut outs, I found a piece of torn notebook paper with driving directions scribbled on it. Wherever the directions led was pretty far on the opposite side of Denver from me, so it took me a few minutes to recall why I had written them down. Then it dawned on me…they were directions to my then-very new boyfriend’s house, whom I would marry just a few short years later.
We’ve been together nine years this August! So how funny that the directions to his house were sandwiched right in between two of his favorite recipes–my Balsamic BBQ Sauce, and this lemon pie.

This time of year, you can find Meyer lemon trees in pots at all the local nurseries, and if you have a sunny patio I highly recommend growing one or two. The flavor of Meyers is so much better than your run of the mill grocery store lemons, and the blossoms’ fragrance is just exquisite. Plus how exciting is it to have lemons growing at your house! (For this Colorado girl who was always jealous of her Los Angeles cousins, it’s pretty damn exciting.) If you don’t want to grow a tree (or if you just can’t wait), look for Meyers at gourmet and natural food stores i.e., Whole Foods. If you can’t find them, go ahead and use very ripe regular lemons. 

My favorite part of this pie is the crust. I prefer Ritz crackers to graham crackers in this recipe, because they are so light and flaky, with a hint of salt that plays nicely with the tartness of the lemons. Sounds weird, but trust me! And feel free to use gluten free butter crackers, if you prefer. 


photo credit Chris Hunkeler