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Tasty Tuesday: Pan Seared Sesame Green Beans

green beans

So, whenever I go out for happy hour with my girlfriends we love to order those fried green beans. They’re so crunchy and snack-able, and they go so well with beer and cocktails! But I always feel like crap when I eat stuff like that–and no, it’s not a hangover. Greasy, fried foods mess with my whole body and as yummy as they taste, I can’t indulge very often. 

Luckily, I have a very simple way to make crunchy, salty green beans that are great as an appetizer, snack, or a veggie side dish. Matter of fact, I might make these for Easter dinner–while the kids busy are looking for eggs, I’ll be chilling out on the front porch swing with a cold beer and a plate of these babies! If you like the salted Edamame that you can order at sushi places, you will LOVE these. 

Fresh green beans are just starting to come into season, so you should be able to find them fairly inexpensively. I don’t recommend using frozen beans because the finished product won’t be as crunchy as with fresh beans. And definitely not canned! 

You’ll need about 1 lb of whole, fresh green beans. Trim just the very end (the part with the tough stem), but leave them whole. Makes for better finger food!



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