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Tasty Tuesday: Summer Bing Cherry Pie

My husband and I are coming up on an anniversary in a couple of weeks, and to celebrate I will be making him his very favorite dessert–cherry pie. I can’t think of too many things better than warm pie and melty vanilla ice cream, especially when it’s made with fresh seasonal fruit! We LOVE bing cherries at our house, and they make an amazing pie. They are plentiful in the summer, and not so expensive, but you can easily make this filling all year round by using frozen cherries!

This recipe makes plenty of filling for one 9″ pie, and it’s also delicious on top of ice cream or cheesecake. Don’t feel up to making a pie crust? Pour it into a 9×13, top with refrigerated biscuits or dollops of your favorite biscuit batter, and bake 30 minutes at 350 for a bang-up cobbler that is as simple as it gets. The filling comes together super fast and has just a few ingredients, so the deeply sweet tart cherry flavor really shines. 

photo credit jeffreyw