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Tasty Tuesday: Thai Cashew Chicken

Today I’m sharing a recipe from my friend and fellow Colorado blogger, Catherine of Evolving Motherhood. I met Catherine this past fall in a cab on the way to a blog conference, and it turned out we were on the same flight and didn’t even realize it! Catherine shares my passion for clean, healthy eating and just basically for food in general. You could spot us in the conference crowds because we were the first ones in line for the buffet breakfasts and lunches, and the first ones to ask “Where should we go for dinner?” 

We discovered that we both get “hangry” if we don’t eat every 2-3 hours. True story. No food in sight? She-Hulk SMASH!

Anyway, Catherine isn’t really She-Hulk, she’s much prettier, and she comes up with some brilliant recipes. This is a new favorite of mine. It was written for peanut sauce, but I’ve got a little guy who is peanut-sensitive so we try to avoid it. The smooth texture and mild flavor of cashew butter is a perfect stand-in (if a little pricey) and if you’re totally nut-free you could give SunButter or soy butter a try. Other than swapping out the peanut butter, the only other tweak I made was to cut the chicken in smaller pieces and allow it to marinate a while. More surface area = more of that yummy sauce per bite! 

This recipe could not be simpler, and if you throw in some veggies (we enjoyed it with carrot slices and bell pepper chunks, but you could use snap peas, broccoli, sweet potato or squash dices…really, the sky is the limit!) it is a satisfying one-dish dinner that doesn’t even need sides! 

thai chicken