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Quick and Easy Chipotle CopyCat Guacamole

I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to food. I love to taste fresh, real ingredients and I especially love when a dish is so perfectly and simply made that I can deconstruct it. It’s this special little talent of mine: the foodie equivalent of being able to play a piece of music by ear. 

As far as guacamole goes, it’s one of those recipes that is so very simple, but so often ruined by too many ingredients. It’s also quite a healthy snack at it’s heart, being entirely made of raw vegetables. Tomatoes? Garlic? Sour cream? God forbid, putting it all in a BLENDER? No, no, no. You’re over-thinking this, people!

Chipotle nails their guacamole recipe, but honestly there’s no real secret to it. The only trick is keeping the ingredient list down to just the essentials, and dicing/mixing by hand so that all the ingredients are recognizable and the individual flavors come through. Here’s my version-enjoy it with corn chips, or on top of tacos, tostadas, etc.