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Tasty Tuesday: Vegetarian Savory Bean Burgers

 Savory Bean Burgers

 Photo Credit Rooey202

I made these savory Bean Burgers for my kids recently, using chickpeas aka garbanzo beans. (you can really use almost any cooked bean-I’ve had very good results with Great Northern, Black, and Kidney beans as well)

My 6 year old son overheard me say they were “chickpea” burgers, to which he promptly replied, “I HATE chickpeas!” 

“Did I say chickPEAS? I meant chicken. They’re chicken burgers.” 

“Oh. OK.”

And he ate 3 of them! Of course he kept calling them “fish burgers” so he obviously doesn’t care what they are…but at any rate, they are kid-tested and approved! They’re great on a pita or a bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, but I happen to like them sans bread with a nice little salad. 

They are very easy to make, but read the recipe thoroughly for a trick to getting them to stay together. Don’t try to form them with your hands, it will be a huge mess!