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That One Time, When Fandango Was In Love With Me #WWEMoms

Tyson Kidd

In addition to loving music, concerts, fashion, Disney and football, I’m a closet WWE fan. Actually, it’s not really a secret to those close to me. I was a fan of the WCW and WWF and then the WWE. I’m pretty sure Vince McMahon just loves acronyms that have the letter “w” in them. 

In any case, Hulk Hogan was my main squeeze as a kid. Then the world stopped and I had my first MAJOR crush on a sports/wrestling figure when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came on board. Oh my. The People’s Elbow?! That eyebrow? *fans self* 

Okay… um, where was I? Oh yeah, wrestling fan. I’ve been to a few live events in the past, my favorite being RAW when I got to see The Rock up close and personal. Or, so I was pretty far away, but if I squinted hard enough I’m pretty sure he was looking right at me at one point. 

Then enter Total Divas on E!. NOW We are talking! CHICK WRESTLERS PEOPLE! I fell in love again. This time with a Bella. Nope, not hottie Nikki, but even hottier (it’s a word!) Brie. Brie Bella. Naomi, Trinity, Eve, Nattie, yeah yeah… y’all are cute and strong as hell but all my love is for Brie. 

Brie Bella Brie Mode

A friend even got me her infamous shirt. I wear it all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. 

Fast forward to a couple months ago. I was asked if I’d like to attend a house show coming to the Denver area. “YES! YES! YES! I mean, yes, that would be great. Thank you so much.”

I expected to be anywhere in the arena. With the ring in the center there aren’t really any bad seats. I was over the moon excited when I realized we were ringside. No, like, there were 3 people in between me and Wade Barrett. Three. YOU GUYS. 

I took my son, brother in law and nephew who are all big wrestling fans as well. The boys were almost as excited as I was. 

WWEMoms WWEBroomfield

Now, I would write out a big long post that tells you every detail of the show, but instead I’m going to show pics, because they speak WAY louder and better than I could. 

King Barrett… That British Hottie can wear the hell out of some speedos… cover your eyes kids, mama needs to swoon for a minute. 

IMG_4367 King Wade Barrett


While my Bae Brie wasn’t there, I at least got to see Miss Bad A$$ herself, Naomi. 

Trinity WWE


Damien, seriously, I’m married. You can still flirt with me though, I mean, if you want to keep gazing lovingly into my eyes while you are supposed to be wrestling, I’m okay with that, babe. 

Damian Sandow


“Nattie’s Husband”… Okay, fine. We call him TJ now or Tyson Kidd, whatever. He’s still Nattie’s husband to me. 

Tyson Kidd


Dean Ambrose was the main event, he won, yada yada…

Derek Ambrose


But the real event in my eyes, FANDANGO! Not only did he look amazing in his “party pants” as the boys were calling them, he did his little dance and I had heart eye emojis for days. THEN, the next day, he saw my pic below and posted it to his own twitter, fb and instagram. Y’all, I’m pretty sure that means he’s in love with me now. I’m no expert at online dating but I think we could already be technically married in some states. Look it up for me will ya?!

Fandango WWE


So there you have it. An amazing night with gorgeous & talented wrestlers and fun was had by all. 

Check out to see if one of their shows is coming to a city near you! 


disclosure: I was given tickets to attend the event in return for my honest review. No monetary compensation was made. And… Fandango, honey, call me. 😉