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Tipsy Tuesday: Perfect Pink Grapefruit Paloma

I love my wine and craft beer for sure. But every now and then, the occasion calls for a mixed drink. I’m always looking for lesser-known cocktails to add to my repertoire, and the Paloma is one of my favorites. While it’s long been a favorite drink south of the border, here in the US it’s quickly catching up to the margarita in terms of popularity, so jump on the trend now!

Traditionally made with tequila, lime, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, and club soda, it’s a nice change of pace from a margarita and tastes oh so refreshing on a balmy summer evening. Pairs perfectly with grilled meats and spicy foods, especially my favorite–fish tacos! 

Here’s my super-simplified version! I highly recommend a “reposado” tequila, that means it’s been aged for at least a few months and is gold in color. It’s smoother and richer in flavor than a silver tequila. Hornitos is my go-to! 

Pick your favorite citrus soda for this easy recipe: I chose grapefruit Izze, but you might enjoy the Clementine flavor, or even fresh grapefruit juice and Sprite.