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Tipsy Tuesday: Spiked Chai

While coffee may be my AM go-to drink, what I really love to order when I’m at a coffee shop is a nice cup of chai. I love the spicy, sweet mix of flavors any time of day. 

I was trying to think of a way to make my favorite chai a little more grown-up, when it hit me that Brandy might play nicely with those flavors. And much to my delight, it did! I concocted this very simple, very tasty cocktail and I plan to serve it hot when we have friends over for Halloween. After the kids are sufficiently worn out from trick or treating, we parents can kick back and warm up with this tasty drink. 

You can serve it hot or iced…if you plan to serve hot, be sure to add the brandy at the very end after the milk and chai are fully heated. Recipe is for one drink, adjust as needed for a crowd. 

spiked chai



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