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Toy and Craft Organization Reveal with EasyClosets

Final Reveal EasyClosets

If you are facebook fans with EasyClosets, you probably have already seen our big reveal! They graciously provided us with the materials to transform our awkward basement “nook” into a place where toys have a home and my knitting supplies can be at the ready. Perfect for these snowy fall days to work on a hat or blanket for one of the boys. 

Here are the posts and videos from EasyClosets!

Easy Closets Share Space Post 1 (Awkward basement nooks FTW!)

Easy Closets Shared Space Post 2 (DIY amongst floods!)

EasyClosets Shared Space Post 3 (The final reveal)


And now for my own reveal. We still have one more addition to the area as we just got doors in to cover the open area where the Imaginext toys are displayed (can you tell I collect them?! 😉 I mean, the kids do. Yeah, the kids…). I have to wait until the hubby has a day off from work to have him help me hang them. They are really easy to install, but I know how OCD he can get over things lining up. Or, rather how OCD I can get over everything looking perfect and blaming his OCD for it. We are quite the pair, aren’t we? 

Final Reveal EasyClosets

photo credit EasyClosets (My pics were dark and drab. Leaving it to the professionals to showcase!)

Wait, doesn’t that look amazing?! It’s almost as if I don’t let the kids PLAY with these toys. They look all nice and neat and tidy. I can assure you that about 30 minutes after this photo was taken during the video shoot with Molly Gold of Go Mom, Inc and EasyClosets, my youngest son not only tore into the Hot Wheel’s in the large basket to the right, but also decided to do what I knew would happen. He took a skein of yarn from my area and tossed it onto our pool table. I was wondering how long it would last before the boys tore into it. 😉 

Now if you are wondering, “Why in the Sam H#$% would you put your fancy yarn in the toy area? Don’t you know kids won’t care and will tear into it?” I can assure you that in the past month that the yarn has been down there in this set up, only twice have the kids cared enough to go through it and one of those times was during a party my teenager threw and the kids thought it would be fun to have yarn grenades. Can’t fault them, it is pretty fun to bean someone in the back with a skein of angora. Most of the time though, the kids leave it alone. 

My reasoning for putting them together is two fold. One, I wanted to have it near where the boys play so I can work on my knitting projects while keeping an eye on the kids and Two, I have a master plan to take over the entire space with all of my crafts once the kids are older and no longer play with these toys. It shall become a craft mecca, near my wine bar area, for ultimate Stitch-and-Bitch gatherings with my crafty friends. Now if only these kids would hurry up and get to college… 

My absolute, hands down, favorite part of this whole area? Those baskets have stoppers in place so the kids can’t take them out and dump the toys all over the floor!!!!! I cannot tell you how happy those 4 tiny, removable, rubber stoppers make me. I might have even kissed one of them once I realized the power they held. My boys are FAMOUS for taking any bucket or basket of neatly put away toys and dumping it into a pile and walking away. Now they can’t! (insert maniacal laughter here)

One last feature that I love is how versatile the space is. I have an area for Brady’s therapy toys and tools. An area for the messy toys, a spot for games, a spot for my books and a home for my yarn. I have to say, I finally enjoy going down into our basement now that it has such a functional and usable space. All I need now is to move the dog bed and coffee maker down there and I might never leave!

Stay tuned to see if the kids can keep it clean over the next few weeks, if the yarn stays somewhat untouched and to see if my OCD wins and the doors are hung perfectly. 😉 

See our first post and the mess of toys that we had before this, here –



disclosure: This post is part of a campaign with EasyClosets. I was provided the materials but no monetary compensation was made. All ideas and opinions are my own.



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