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Tra-la-la! Captain Underpants is here!

Captain Underpants crafts

Are your kids excited for “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”? 

Every summer when we load up on books for summer reading, inevitably one of my kids (or several!) grab a few books featuring this silly superhero. I can never decide how I feel about him…but the fact is, he gets the kids reading and loving it. And the early movie reviews I’ve read say that although there’s potty humor (tons of potty humor), kids and adults both think it’s funny, and it celebrates the importance of friendship and empathy and working as a team.

So, in celebration of the movie, we’ve rounded up five Captain Underpants crafts! And since hopefully the movie will encourage kids to read the books, too, we included several ideas for bookmarks to help them out (and one crocheted Captain Underpants, because it made me hoot).

Captain Underpants crafts

-Captain Underpants Coloring Pages — check out the official movie website for coloring and activity pages, as well as more info about the film

-Captain Underpants Craft Stick Bookmark — a hilarious way to make sure you don’t lose your place in your favorite book!

-Captain Underpants Paper Bookmark — this simple bookmark from Tonya Staab just requires a printer, some scissors, and glue (and a book to use it in).

-Design Your Own Underpants — this activity page was actually intended for the book “Dinosaurs Love Underpants” (a great book for kids who are potty-training), but it works just as well for The Captain.

-Crocheted Captain Underpants — I. Am. Dying. This is both hilarious and brilliant and perfect for you parents with a slightly off-kilter sense of humor (so…all of you?)
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