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Unlock Secret Exclusive Items in Disney Infinity with Your Walt Disney World MagicBands!

Walt Disney World MagicBands

Do your kids love Disney Infinity? Mine do and they play it often. We have so many characters and the boys have created some amazing worlds and games. (For a full review check out’s feature on this great video game.)

photo credit Disney Interactive

photo credit Disney Interactive

So now you’ve got the game. If you’ve visited Walt Disney World and received a MagicBand, there are some fun secrets you can unlock in Disney Infinity! I’ll explain how to unlock them and then post a picture of one of the items and describe what they are further down. It will say “Spoiler Alert” before I mention the items so if you want them to be a surprise, stop reading after the instructions. 😉 

Walt Disney World MagicBands

How to Unlock Special Features in Disney Infinity with your MagicBands

First, start up Disney Infinity and select Toy Box mode. Open a new Empty Toy Box.

Place your character on the player one spot on the base. We used Sorcerer Mickey. I’m not sure if you can use other characters or not, but give it a try!

Next, place the MagicBand on the Power Coin area of the base and wait a minute or two. Sometimes a message pops up, for us it didn’t, or my son was too quick to dismiss it. 

Now go into build mode and see if a new item has been placed in there at the front. 

Place that item in your empty toy box world and play around for a while. Something will appear and fly around you. 

After 5 minutes, a green capsule will appear and you can open it to receive a new “world” in prebuilt toy boxes. 

After you get the new world, go to any other world and place your new world in there. Wait until the character appears again and delivers another green capsule (about 5-15 minutes).

Open that capsule and you will receive a “sky.”

Open one last world and place the “sky” again and wait for the character to drop off the last capsule (another 5-15 minutes). This will be a “texture.”

Now you have all the items! Play around and have fun building with these new features!


*** Spoiler Alert! ***



Here is a picture of the first item you receive. 

Disney Infinity MagicBand Secrets

A Dragon’s Gate with a classic Disney dragon that flies around you in the sky above. You also can unlock the Dragon Keep, Domain and Night Sky with your MagicBands! 

dragons keep

dragons domain

dragons flight sky


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