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Wall Street Journal + Crayola Colored Bubbles = My Claim to Fame

Carter in the Wall Street Journal

Update: Yahoo Finance picked up the story. It was on the front page of Yahoo! and the trolls have come out of the woodwork on it. Comments ranging from “We got those too, aren’t they the worst?!” to “You are a flaming idiot who is stifling you kids future by not letting them play and have fun.” Don’t forget the many commentors who asked why I didn’t read the label (I did, hence why it’s IN the article) and why do I care about a stained garage (I don’t, it’s a garage. What they don’t know is what I said after that, that I was glad it didn’t stain my sofa).

So here is the lesson I learned… Don’t read the comments. LOL They don’t know me and don’t know that my kids are the one who didn’t like these bubbles. I only have 4 pictures because they were done with them after the first bubble saying they were “lame” and “too messy”.

I’m just hoping that Crayola is taking notes. This is a great idea, maybe just use less dye? I really wanted these to work as Chewy uses bubbles in his therapies and colored bubbles would be amazing for him.

It’s 2:40 AM and I’m WIDE awake. Why? Oh because Google just alerted me “Hey, Emily. Might want to head on over to the Wall Street Journal. You are on the Front Page.” WHA-WHA-WHAT?!

Yup! There it is. An infamous A-Hed depicting a blue bubble on a wand. A drawing from a photo I took. On the front page of the worlds most famous newspaper. I might sh!t my pants (excuse the language, it’s late and I’m excited!)

There is even a video report with our pictures/comments!
wall street journal coloradomoms

Inside the article they show another one of my pictures. This time of Carter, my 6 yr old, blowing bubbles. I need to go buy 30 copies and save them forever and ever.
Carter in the Wall Street Journal

So how did we get so famous?! My fave website has a Friday webshow where you can watch Jim and Chris show off the hot new toys and win prizes. They have a column on their site – Real Parents, Real Reviews – where, like the title suggests, parents give open and honest reviews of a variety of products. On the web show you can often win a chance to do one of these reviews of the product they chose and they give you some pretty awesome toys/prizes along with the review product for your time. I love reviews (as you all know) so I tried to win every Friday I could. The last time I did get the chance, it was to review Crayola Colored Bubbles. You can read my full review on

I won’t re-type the review, but to make a long story short, those bubbles aren’t what I hoped they would be. They turned my kids blue and stained our garage floor (some splotches are still there!) The idea is fun. Bubbles that are colored. Cool. But the mess is certainly the opposite of fun.

After my review went live on, I got an email and call from Ann Zimmerman of the WSJ. She asked if I’d be willing to comment on the bubbles. At first I was nervous. In case I haven’t said it enough, this is the WALL STREET JOURNAL! Then I thought, “By Jolly, parents have to know that these bubbles aren’t as washable as you would think. I’m in”

After the interview I emailed a couple photos and hoped they’d use one, but didn’t think they really would. Little did I know I’d have an A-Hed drawn from a photo I took. That to me is even better than being mentioned in the article. Then they printed Carter’s pic too?! I think I may just have him autograph it.

So there you have it. If you want your very own Carter autograph, leave a comment below and I’ll have his people call your people. 😉



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