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Why We Love the Venta Airwasher in Colorado

Brady Venta airwasher coloradomoms

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Air Purifiers. Not something I’d ever think I’d write about. And while Venta graciously gave us a Venta Kuubel Airwasher to review, I was contemplating how I can come up with a compelling way to talk to you about them. It’s an air purifier, humidifier, and so much more!

First off, I should tell you that I was going to put this in my son’s room. Brady is 9 and autistic. I thought the aromatherapy and quiet white noise sound of the fan would lull him to sleep in an instant (which it has!) Instead, I put the Venta in my Master Bedroom because, let’s get real, the kids just crawl into my bed anyway and this way it helps both Brady and I… *bonus*

Brady Venta airwasher coloradomoms

I put the unit together pretty easily and it was super lightweight. I was actually shocked as to how little it weighed. Of course, this was BEFORE I added all the water to it. Still, even with the Venta completely full of water, I could easily lift and carry it between rooms. I do have to fill the unit daily, or at least 3-4 times a week, which was a tad annoying until I got a little routine down. I fill it when my son takes his bath in the evening and it hasn’t been a big deal. 

After it was set up, filled with water, and added some aromatherapy essential oils to it (I don’t remember what the scent used, calm or rejuvenate or something, I just loved that it smelled just like the citrusy scent in the old version of Soarin’ from Disneyland. Brady liked it too! I tried to convince him it was just like the smell in the ride at Disney where he flies and he told me “No, it smells like orange markers” so, there’s that. Either way, we were both loving all of the various scents

I’m sure you can guess by the name of my blog where we live, but just to clarify, I’m in Denver, Colorado. Land of no humidity. The Venta Airwasher doubles as a humidifier. Wait? WHAT?! This was huge. My master bedroom has had so many issues with heating and cooling and it has a big bay window that faces southwest, so it gets a lot of direct sunlight and heat. During the winter it’s wonderful, but during the summer it’s a pain. Within 24 hours of setting up the Venta Airwasher, the room was cool and comfortable, even with the 90 degree weather outside. My bedroom quickly became the hangout room in the house where all of the kids (and guinea pigs and dog) decided they wanted to be in. 

At night, the Airwasher is super silent on setting 1. During the day it’s silent on setting 2 as well but setting 3 is where it’s at! The highest setting for the fan not only made the room cooler (as fans tend to do) but also provided the perfect ambient white noise that my son fell asleep faster than ever. This is a HUGE win for me, for him, for autism, for the world! 

I was a skeptic. I was talking to my friend Jenny (who coincidentally works at Venta and with influencers) and told her flat out in the past, “We don’t need an airwasher, I don’t even know WHY we’d need one.” Well, now after using it religiously for a month I can say we definitely need one. In fact, I’m ordering a couple more soon for the bigger common areas of our house. I need to formally apologize to her for even questioning it! Here’s why (some I’ve already mentioned):

  • Humidity
  • Helping with the cooling of the room
  • White Noise for sleeping
  • You can add essential oils for whatever ails you. 
  • Lightweight

That last one is pretty important, especially in Colorado. Summer we often have wildfires close enough that it massively can affect the air quality in our home. A few years ago I would dust the tables/counters and a film of soot/ash/smoke residue would be there. Imagine breathing that?! No thank you. Plus, my seasonal allergies have been practically non-existent this year. I didn’t even think that it could be from the Venta air purifier, but we left on vacation for a week and I definitely noticed my allergies then! So glad to be back home with my clean air!

If you need the best humidifier or just want cleaner air, I highly recommend Venta products. This skeptic is now a full on convert! 

disclosure: I was given a Venta Airwasher for review. No monetary compensation was made. Affiliate links are included throughout this post.