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Wine Fruit Snacks – The Recipe You Have to See to Believe!

Wine Fruit Snacks

I was surfing facebook today, as per usual, not really paying attention. Then, out of no where, my friend Anne from Midlife Boulevard posted a link to something glorious. Something amazing. Something that could not be taken lightly. A recipe for… wait for it… 

Wine. Fruit. Snacks. 

No really. Wine Gummies. Boozy Gummies. These ain’t for your kids, alcoholic fruit snacks. STOP. 

I instantly saved the link to my new favorite blog Thrive Style and her glorious gelatin concoction. I made a mad dash to the store, came home and became my own version of a mad scientist. (I’m pretty sure my friends on facebook and twitter already sensed my excitement and put AA on speed dial.)

Wine. Gummies.

I used a Shiraz I had on hand already. I didn’t want to bust out my $30 wines for the first pass. Thought I’d stick with my $10ish wines. I mean, no sense in wasting the good stuff if this didn’t work, right?!

Wine Fruit Snacks Ingredients


Get the recipe here!

It didn’t take long for me to whip up the first batch. In about 20 minutes I had the solution ready to chill. I opted not to put them in one of our only rubber ice molds, the lego guy shapes, because I didn’t want the kids to think this was a treat for them.

I poured it in a square pan, chilled for 1-2 hours and BOOM. Done. Cut the gummies into squares, eat and enjoy. I added 2 Tbsp of maple syrup to these but might add one to two more the next time I make them as the Shiraz still had quite a bit of bite to it. 

Wine Fruit Snacks


Now I just need to sit back and enjoy being the queen of all future get togethers with my friends and neighbors. I mean, WINE GUMMIES people. *brushes shoulder*



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